A bit about me

(How many? 360 words )

Like all the major discoveries throughout history, I also ended up in this industry by chance. I was a new mom and as such, I hardly slept. So, in between breastfeeding, laundry, and walking to the park with the stroller, I became acquainted with this industry through everything I found on Amazon, I listened to practically every podcast of every webinar there was back then - and before you know it, I started to recruit clients as well. I realized that this field really excited me: all the infinite possibilities in the field, the endlessly changing and developing technology, new measurement methods, and overall - our ability to reach any place in the world with our products and services blow my mind. In fact, this profession pretty much chose me, and not the other way around. That’s how it is when you’re diagnosed as dyslexic with attention deficit disorder as a child. So instead of letting it get me down, I turned it into my superpower. Thanks to these abilities to jump from one platform to another, to manage a variety of channels simultaneously and to handle an impressive number of client budgets at the same time, I am capable of easily, and more importantly, effectively and professionally, leveraging my and my clients’ marketing content and budgets. I believe that there is one clear goal: To achieve quality conversions and I won’t hesitate to use any of the platforms at my disposal to achieve this goal. I’m very focused in this regard. Truly. As far as I’m concerned, the ends totally justify the means - every platform, campaign, any possible way to reach the highest quality conversion at the best possible price is legitimate, as long as it helps me reach my final goal. With regards to final goal - although it’s the most important, I never forget that the search, research, and path to it are no less exciting for me. You can say that this industry took over my life. To the point that at night my dreams consist of conversions, pixels, multi-platform campaigns that lead to new and amazing places. Of course, during the dream I usually stop to smell the roses, or more accurately - stop and taste some yummy street food. And if we’re already talking about food - I conceived of my most complex campaigns in the kitchen. I’m merciless when I’m in the kitchen with my chef’s knife and cutting board. My mind wanders to far-away lands and returns with important insight, which I later implement to my clients’ benefit in their campaigns. That’s who I am. Sharp, fast, succinct, precise. And if you know a little bit about this world you probably already known that you can’t win otherwise in this industry.