How to share audiences from Facebook’s Pixel

How to share audiences from Facebook’s Pixel

irit frank / January 29, 2020 / Advertising on Facebook / 0 Comments

If you work in digital marketing, either self-employed or as a company employee, or if you’re a brand manager who has an external company to manage Facebook advertising, you probably need to share data sometimes from your or your client’s ad account on Facebook.

Why do you need to share data?

I guess this has happened to most of you reading this article. A client comes to you and you decided to start working together, and during the prep work you discover that he doesn’t have our ad account but rather the previous agency that managed his campaigns has it. All the data, all the insight, all the audiences that were once there are no longer.
There previously wasn’t much you could do about this…Now, thankfully, there’s a simple solution.
In most cases (and I mean 99%), we want access to this data. We really don’t want to start everything from scratch. We want to bring hard and fast results, and the best way is by studying the statistics of previous campaigns in the account.
By reverse engineering the data in the account, we can understand who the target audience is, what message prompts the audience to better action, the audience’s interests, and so forth.
It’s important that I emphatically reiterate that this data is critical for any business that wants to grow over time and also learn from the mistakes it made in its campaigns. Yes, I wrote mistakes, you read that right 🙂. I’m from the school of thought that believes that we can use our most epic failures to learn something about how to do better in the future.

Add another ad account to Business Manager

I’m assuming that some of the clients already come with the organization’s BM (Business Manager), and if not, open a new BM at this address
Now that we have a BM we can get to work:

Now let’s add an ad account here:

And then click ‘add account’:

Once we have an ad account and BM to work with, we’ll want to request access to the old ad account or to lay claim to it. Take into account that as soon as we lay claim to the ad account, we won’t be able to delete it from the BM account. So if it’s not our business, and we only want access, we simply click ‘Request Access’.
Next we enter the serial number of the account we want access to.

Sharing Facebook’s Pixel

Now that we have access from the BM to the ad account that we want, we can share pixels.

Select the pixel that you want to share from the list and click ‘Assign Ad Accounts’.

Now, whoever is managing the ad account and the campaigns can access the pixel and all the data it entails: create audiences, conversions, etc.
If you want to share a specific audience, it’s really easy to do.
Once we’ve added the relevant ad account to our BM, let’s go to audiences by marking the specific audience we want to share and click ‘actions’ and then ‘share’.
Select the ad account that we want to share the audience with and confirm access for both analysis and target and create audiences.

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Happy conversions everyone