Hi, I’m Irit,
the unofficial expert for the digital marketing specialists. This means that they call me when they need to get the best available advice.
Now listen up, I’m offering my personal services to you as well. You can consult with me about a service you’re getting from my colleagues, and you can hire my services for superb management of your marketing activities on the world wide web.
I highly recommend you contact me and get more information.
You won’t get a better offer.

I’m also a great cook!
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    I’ve studied and trained with the best. That’s how I am, I’m a proud showoff... By the way, I think it’s really nice to open a book and study on your own. Be persistent, explore, and get ahead... But hey, the real deal involves official training. Plow deep.

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    Everything’s connected. and affects everything else. The campaign on Facebook with the campaign on Google and they are both boosted by Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tavola... Got it? Everything’s connected. Exactly. These times allow for immense, flexible, and precise freedom of action. For those who get it. Like me, for example :)

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    I’ve been around for a while. I’m deeply rooted in the previous decade. I’ve seen and solved countless complex challenges - clients with special needs and requirements, and highly detailed projects. Now it’s your turn!

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    My Capabilities

    If they chose me, so can you!

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